Posted on by Taylor Smith

Broma Keto Bombs



1 cup Broma

1/2 cup coconut flour (or almond flour if you prefer)

Optional - Stevia, to taste (we skipped this ingredient in ours)



1. Grab a baking sheet, line it with a non-stick cooking spray OR parchment paper (whichever is more readily available)

2. Mix together Broma and the coconut flour until well incorporated (pro tip: heat Broma in the microwave for 15-20 seconds to make the mixing process a bit easier and faster)

3. Using a spoon or ice cream scooper, scoop out individually portions of the mixture and roll between your hands until it forms a ball shape

4. Optional: Grab some toppings, like coconut flakes or hemp seeds and roll each ball in the mixture

5. Arrange the balls on your prepared pan and pop them in the freezer for 20 minutes and Voila! The easiest tastiest fat bombs you've ever made.