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Broma Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond & Lentil Butter Sachet

The Only Dark Chocolate Nut Butter with Almonds & Lentils

Broma’s Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond & Lentil Butter in a grab as you go packet! Packing the same sweet and tart flavor of real cherries mixed with the luxuriousness of dark chocolate this little packet will definitely upgrade your snack break. Rip, Dip and spread on an apple or rice cake, or squeeze right out into your mouth — what are you waiting for?

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Roasted Almonds*
Sunflower Oil*
Coconut Sugar*
Cacao Powder*
Sunflower Lecithin*
Natural Cherry*
Sea Salt
Rosemary Extract*

Contains: Tree Nuts
*Organic Ingredient
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Carry in your purse for
a midday snack

Perfectly portioned
for on-the-go

Pack in School Lunches

Toss in your carry-on

Eat right out of the packet