red, green, and black lentils


Around here, we believe lentils are magic! They are our “not-so-secret superfood” ingredient that makes Broma extra nutritious with 6g of complete protein.


Do Lentils Have Protein? The Lowdown on the Legume 

Supports Digestive Health

Lentils are a plant based food that is rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber helps to regulate our blood sugar while Insoluble fiber aids in digestion and helps to prevent both constipation and colon cancer. Lentils additionally support gut health by providing prebiotics that feed and keep our gut flora healthy and happy

Keeps your Heart Healthy
The soluble fiber in lentils plays a role in keeping our hearts healthy while providing a significant amount of folate and magnesium. Just 1 cup of cooked lentils contains 90% of your recommended folic acid intake for a day. Fiber recommendations for healthy adults ranges from 25-38 grams per day. Not only does increased fiber keep you fuller for longer but also aids in easier digestion! Magnesium helps to improve the flow of oxygen through your bloom stream and also protects against heart disease. Magnesium can also aid things like a sound sleep amongst other things. 

We can't give any medical advice about your specific diet (for any medical advice please consult a doctor or registered dietitian). Therefore, we can't tell you that lentils will bring down high blood pressure or cholesterol. BUT we can tell you that adding in extra grams of protein from plant based foods can't hurt. Protein also helps keep you fuller for longer which is always a plus in our books. 

A Rich Source of Plant Based Protein
Did you know that lentils are the third highest in plant based protein (by weight- usually in grams) of any legume or nut? In fact about a third of the calories in lentils come from protein making them a great source of plant based protein. Protein is important for supporting your metabolism, growth, and development.

That's why in Broma we combine the protein sources of lentils & almonds to create a complete protein. What exactly is a complete protein? A complete protein contains all of the essential amino acids we need in a balanced diet.

A protein is formed by about 20 types of amino acids, and 11 of those amino acids are already produced by our body. It is up to us to get the remaining 9 amino acids from a healthy diet. That is where a product like Broma comes in handy! Providing all 9 essential amino acids in one delicious spoonful.

    Provides Important Micronutrients + Antioxidants 
    Micronutrients are important for cellular health and supporting the immune system. Lentils, especially green lentils (which we use in Broma!) happen to be a great source of Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc.

    Not only are lentils an excellent source of complete protein they also contain antioxidants that help destroy free radicals (cancer-causing agents) and reduce damage to your body’s cells. Adding more lentils to your diet will help to provide you with antioxidants like Vitamin A and Vitamin C. 

      Protects Against Chronic Disease
      Studies have shown that eating lentils on a regular basis can reduce your risk of diabetes, cancer, obesity, and heart disease. This is all thanks to the prebiotics, antioxidants, and micronutrients we’ve already discussed. In addition, they also contain protective plant compounds known as phenols and tannins. 



        Ready to get more lentils into your diet? You’re in luck. Broma’s organic dark chocolate almond and lentil butter is the perfect vehicle for getting more lentils into your day. 6 grams of complete protein, 9 essential amino acids and Broma is the perfect plant based food to add to a healthy diet. 



        By: Kiki Huddleston



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