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Broma Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond & Lentil Butter Sachet

The Only Dark Chocolate Almond & Lentil Butter

Your favorite Broma Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond & Lentil Butter in an easy to grab on-the-go packet! Always filled with rich undertones of caramel and toasted coconut, reminiscent of a Girl Scout Samoas cookie, but with a better-for-you twist. At Broma we love using simple ingredients like organic cacao, coconut oil, and only 4g of coconut sugar. Perfect for pairing with bananas, dipping strawberries, or adding it to your favorite granola.

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Roasted Almonds*
Sunflower Oil*
Coconut Sugar*
Coconut Butter*
Shredded Coconut*
Cacao Powder*
Sunflower Lecithin*
Sea Salt
Rosemary Extract*
Vanilla Extract*

Contains: Tree Nuts
*Organic Ingredient
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